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Candela Obscura!

Candela Obscura is an upcoming cosmic horror fantasy RPG from the folks of Darrington Press! Explore a vast world, investigate strange mysteries, and survive dangerous encounters with alien creatures… The world of Hale is in flux. After a bitter six years of war, the nation of the Fairelands have finally claimed victory over the nation ..[]

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The Last Spell!

The Last Spell is a dark fantasy board game that pitches you against a horde of undead and twisted monsters as you attempt to rebuild your world. Design your town, upgrade your weapons, and face off against the horde head on! The Schools of Magic, driven by greed and ambition, have destroyed our world. Over ..[]

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ARCANA PROPHETIA is an upcoming tarot inspired board game where you use cards to attempt to predict or defy a prophecy of ruin! Use cards to complete a spread, or attempt to negate the spread by predicting your opponent’s next move. The Tenth God lies dead, and The Fates themselves have become corrupted. With its ..[]

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