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Persona 5 - Booster Box

Persona 5 - Booster Box

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Steal back your future!

Persona 5 has stolen the show with their grand entrance into the English Edition of Weiss Schwarz! Take hold of the ability to "Change Hearts" with this new exciting release!

Persona 5 is Neo-standard with Persona 4 ver. E.

Booster Pack exclusive hot stamp signed cards  from the following Voice Cast!!! 


             Protagonist : Jun Fukuyama
             Ryuji Sakamoto Mamoru Miyano 
        Ann Takamaki Nana Mizuki  
             Morgana : Ikue Otani
         Yuusuke Kitagawa Tomokazu Sugita 
  Makoto Niijima Rina Satou
Futaba Sakura Aoi Yuki 
         Haru Okumura Haruka Tomat

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