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Enduro Racer

Enduro Racer

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In this game you play the role of an endurance bike racer. The gameplay involves you racing against the clock to get to the finish line and jumping over ramps. At the end of each race you get points for how many cars or bikes you have overtaken with which you can upgrade your bike. There are various different terrain for you to race on including desert beach and dirt tracks plus a number of things to slow you down or even knock you off of your bike all together. The main idea is to find the best route through each level to shave off valuable seconds in order to over take more cars and bikes.

Extra Info

Box Text:
Region: North America
ItemNo: 5077
Genre: Racing
Developer: Sega Enterprises Ltd.
Title: Enduro Racer
Players: 1
Release Data:
Platform: Sega Master System
Publisher: Sega
MSRP: 74.99
Rating: None
Release Date: 1987

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