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Captain Silver

Captain Silver

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There are six scenes in the game. During his travels, Jim will explore villages, fight his way on board ships, venture through caves, and wander around tropical islands. In each of these six scenes, Jim must use his sword to kill cats, rats, bats, witches, skeletons, and other creatures that are waiting for him. When Jim touches, or is shot at, by a creature, he loses one of his lives, but when he kills a creature, he can collect some gold that they leave behind, which can be used to buy items from shops. However, rather than getting gold, enemies leave behind some gold containing one of the letters that spell the word "CAPTAIN SILVER". If Jim manages to get all of these letters, he will be awarded an extra life.

Extra Info

Box Text:
Region: North America
ItemNo: 7008
Genre: Platformer
Developer: Sega Enterprises Ltd.
Title: Captain Silver
Release Data:
Platform: Sega Master System
Rating: None
Release Date: 1988

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