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Resident Evil: CODE: Veronica

Resident Evil: CODE: Veronica

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Most of the weapons from the earlier games make return appearances: knife, handguns, shotgun, grenade launcher and crossbow are all featured. There are also new weapons including a sniper rifle, an AK-47 and several guns only found in pairs, which can be used to target two enemies at the same time. Several weapons upgrades can also be found. Similar to the earlier games, the player will not only control Claire, but also two other characters: Claire's fellow prisoner Steve, and her brother Chris.

Extra Info

Box Text:
Region: North America
ItemNo: T-1204N
Genre: Survival Horror
Developer: Capcom Co. Ltd.
Title: Resident Evil: Code: Veronica
Release Data:
Platform: Dreamcast
MSRP: 39.89
Rating: M (ESRB)
Release Date: February 3 2000

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