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Alolan Ninetales - 111/181 - Holo Rare

Alolan Ninetales - 111/181 - Holo Rare

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Extra Info

Set: Sun & Moon - Team Up
Card Number: 111/181
Rarity: Holo Rare
Retreat Cost: 1
Weakness: Metal
HP: 110
Stage: Stage 1
Card Type: Psychic
Resistance: Darkness
Name: Alolan Ninetales
Finish: Holo
Manufacturer: The Pokemon Company
Card Text:
Attack #1: [Y][C][C] Aurora Beam: 80 damage.
Attack #2:
Attack #3:
Ability: Luminous Barrier
Prevent all effects of attacks
, including damage, done to this Pokemon by your opponents Pokemon-EX and Pokemon-GX.

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