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Bisharp - 72/108 - Rare

Bisharp - 72/108 - Rare

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Extra Info

Set: Dark Explorers
Card Number: 72/108
Rarity: Rare
Illustrator: Masakazu Fukuda
Retreat Cost: 1
Weakness: Fx2
HP: 90
Stage: Stage 1
Card Type: Darkness
Resistance: P-20
Name: Bisharp
Finish: Regular
Edition: 1st, Unlimited
Manufacturer: The Pokemon Company
Card Text:
Attack #1: DC Slash (30)
Attack #2: DCC Fury Cutter (30+)

Flip 3 coins. If 1 of them is heads, this attack does 10 more damage. If 2 of them are heads, this attack does 30 more damage. If all of them are heads, this attack does 60 more damage.
Attack #3:

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