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V Booster Set 04 - Vilest! Deletor Booster Pack

V Booster Set 04 - Vilest! Deletor Booster Pack

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This booster can strengthen the Link Joker clan’s Kouji Ibuki Trial Deck 7 released on the same day! It can also strengthen decks from the four clans of Strongest! Team AL4 (BUSVGEVBT02)! Five reissued cards feature the First Vanguard and four trigger units of Shadow Paladin. Each pack contains 7 random cards. Each display contains 16 packs. The set includes 84 types of cards [79 new cards and 5 reissues] (VR: 5; RRR: 8; RR: 12; R: 17; C: 42). Plus, there are various Parallel cards. Two cards in every pack will definitely be R or above!

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